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Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter formatc Start date Jul 12, Hello All I have been looking at this forum for a few days as part of my research for a new sound setup and now have some questions that I would appreciate some help with.

Current setup: 5. DJ setup for trance party nights hence the upgrade running through the above PS3 for HT use Room size: 4m X 7m 13' x 23' Desire: Use existing AV equipment, with minimal replacement to achieve as close to club-like sound as possible. I would like it loud enough to feel but not so my guests all have to wear ear plugs. Having said that I have no immediate neighbours so the bass can must! I accept to come close to achieving the above I will need to purchase something like the Cerwin Vegas XLS range and a power amplifier to match, using the Sony as a preamp.

Ignoring the price differntial which would suit me better? I don't want to buy the for the sake of it. But if it provides better quality sound at lower volumes then I am all for it. Does having a massive subwoofer impact the above decision?

Cerwin Vega XLS-215 Floor Standing Speakers

Will the smaller surround speakers, still being powered by the AV amp, keep up with the high powered mains i. If I have to start replacing them with their own power amps it will start costing too much. Thanks in advance for your help, hopefully I can contribute back at the end of it!Budget Leader. I have good news and bad news. In front, the waveguide-loaded tweeter, which looked a lot like a horn to me, was not covered by the grille. Crossover frequencies are Hz woofers to midrange and 2.

The slopes are unspecified. Otherwise, the treble is slightly ragged and soundstaging suffers. You see, my knee-jerk, audiophile reaction was that Cerwin-Vega speakers were more suitable for playing music at deafening levels in frat houses than for serious audio systems.

But then I realized that maybe, just maybe, these speakers could be an answer to the prayers of fans of low-power amplifiers: a high-sensitivity speaker with big-time bass. And many of the speakers such amps can power to loud levels use "full-range" drivers that may sound great within their limits but usually have little or no real bass response and sometimes ragged high frequencies. In an effort to coax more bass out of full-range drivers, designers often resort to complex and expensive cabinets like folded horns.

And, even better, wouldn't it be great if the speaker was inexpensive to boot? So "You want me to review what? Clad in black wood-grain vinyl, the cabinets seemed rather resonant when I applied the knuckle-rap test.

In the rear of the CLS, there are two sets of gold-plated binding posts for biwiring. Rather lightweight jumpers connected the upper and lower binding posts. Two 4" ports vent at the rear of the speaker. These are not fancy audiophile-approved ports with flared ends to prevent port noise, but straight cardboard tubes.

cerwin vega xls 215

However, I didn't hear any port noise, so the tubes did their job. A fuse holder on the rear panel protects against overdriving; the speaker is fused at watts. The "" in the model designation tells you the speaker has two 15" woofers.AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember.

"cerwin vega"

OldAM - Thread Starter. Are they really this good? Anyone own these? How do they sound? I've very tempted to buy a pair. Remove Advertisements. OldAM. Regardless of the review, I believe it's a good design for a variety of reasons. Also, mini speakers, "as good as speaker 3 times their size" add campaigns were abundant.

It's a load of BS.

There exists certain qualities in a speaker for ideal HT impact and immersion. Some measure of directivity control, check. High sensitivity, and high output, check.

Adequate displacement in the octaves between the sub cross, and approx. I don't really view it as a bargain, but I think it's a great offering for what it does; clean high levels of output. That's been their technique for a long time. One could do a lot worse for the money. Good stuff. FOH is offline. OldPM - Thread Starter. OldPM. Secret Squirrel. I really like them.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts.

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Cerwin Vega CLS-215 Floorstanding Speakers

Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter james12 Start date Oct 13, Hi any help would be much appretiated.

I like to listen to my music very loud with decent bass and treble to match, so i am highly considering to buy a pair of Cerwin Vega xls speakers. But since i have never heard these speakers in action i am wondering will they do the job i want, so i am asking for peoples advice on here as i have gotten some seriously good advice from this forum in the past. I also throw a lot of house party's so the speakers have to be very reliable and i want them to last around 10 yrs.

Amplifier - Right this is where i am completely blind, I do not have a clue where and what amps i should be considering looking at. I am looking to push these speakers to there maximum capacity without blowing them and the amp. So i am asking for peoples advice? BlueWizard Distinguished Member.

The will certainly make a house party. In fact, you could probably use them to demolish houses.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message. Home Search Results: "cerwin vega". Top Sellers. Free Shipping.

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cerwin vega xls 215

Did You Find It?Chances are very good that I was drinking when I posted the above. AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. OldAM - Thread Starter. What happened to Cerwin-Vega? I'm still rocking a pair of Es from the 90s. While they've been great and can still crank, I'm definitely looking to demote them to the basement to just jam out to while playing foosball, throwing darts, or whatever.

Perhaps they'll be some great garage speakers.

cerwin vega xls 215

They've also been great outside at parties. One of CV's strengths if memory serves me correctly. Not the best quality per se, but definitely don't mind being played loud. I remember CVs being super popular back in the day and kind of just noticed that I haven't heard anybody talk about the brand in well over a decade or two.

What the heck happened to the company? I know they're still around sort of? I noticed mine were made in America, while the wiki says they're now made in China and Malaysia. Do they just kind of suck now? Montucky is online now. Remove Advertisements. OldAM.

cerwin vega xls 215

Cerwin Vega is still going strong as far as I know. If you check YouTube, you will find many people with C-V systems. However, they don't have the prominence they once had because there are many more refined speakers available. But Cerwin still fill a niche very nicely.

I'm assuming the has a 10" bass driver, so there are still a couple of models near that one. So the choice is all down to taste. Last edited by bluewizard; at AM. The times passed them by. Also you need a good marketing team. Cerwin Vegas are responsible for my reduced hearing capacity. When I was in high school we threw lots of parties at my friends The bass was soooooo astonishing it is partly responsible for my bass craving today 2 decades later!

I just bought a set of XLS 12's.

XLS-215 Maybe the WORST Cerwin-Vega speakers ever made, and here is why.

Absolutely awesome. Lozin is offline. I just got a pair of XLS's about six months ago and they have broken in very nicely. There still a great speaker for music but I find them great for my HT with movies also. The CV forum is still very much alive. I'm not sure why CV doesn't get more love on these forums when budget builds are discussed.

Based on my own experience with the brand, I would gladly build another CV setup before I considered the usual suspects that are mentioned here for budget speakers.

I had a pair of three way towers with 12" woofers can't recall the model that I used throughout my high school and college years in the 90s, and they still sounded great when I gave them to a friend in I think.