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1KZ-TE KZJ95 Toyota Landcruiser Prado won't start

Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Schemes of connecting 4th March Schemes of connecting sensors and actuators to the engine control unit ECU. Often it is something to do with a long downtime technology, soggy electronics, deterioration of contacts in a relay or connectors and wires. The first resort to anything - check the fuses, then attempt to verify the vibration method of connectors, wires and relays in electronics box.

It takes just check the voltage of the battery and its connections, the quality of the terminals, pay close attention to the wire and fixings to the body mass, the engine. If the items listed above are normal, start diagnosis. Just make a reservation, documentation and diagrams precisely Haisu I do not, I use the circuit from under the instruction 1kZ-TE. Tying, respectively, if they will be different, it is insignificant, mainly - controlled glow plugs and, perhaps, a slightly different name of the relay and fuse, but the principle is the basis laid down the same signals and the same.

When you specify a two-color combinations with a hyphen - in this case, the first light - color wires, the second indicator - color applied over the first strip for example, the BR stands for black with a red stripe Because occur in practice, cases when the assembly constructors, or after repairs, torn connectors not bolted soldered.

In most cases, according to statistics, suffer from signal wiring in the place of installation, removal of a starter.

Now consider the "tying" of the engine 1KZ-TEsensors, actuators, signal circuits, the power supply circuit of engine management ECM. Connection to a computer the crankshaft position sensor signal to the TDC and the engine speed sensor in fact, the engine speed is calculated in the computer on the momentum NE sensor on the pump. From the waveform in the figure we see the TDC unit impulse, this impulse is induced in the coil sensor crankshaft position during the passage of the TDC of the first cylinder and shows made one revolution of the crankshaft.

Blueprinted Injector to suit Toyota Hilux 1KZ

NE pulses induced in the coil of the gauge of turns on the pump from the gear that has teeth pass.Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Activity.

1kz te injector pump problems

Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Hi, having looked at the forum I can see this is a problem that has occurred before so I have already done some analysis anyway here is the summary.

I have researched on forum and done the following. Cracked injector, but there is no fuel arriving when engine is cranked. Cracked inlet on top of fuel pump and fuel squirts out when fuel pump primer operated. Engine starts with 12V direct connection from battery. ECU visually checked. So the question is what does this tell us. Presumably the approach should be cheapest and easiest first before jumping to the ECU conclusion i.

Which ones specifically? Any other advice on this problem would be most welcome. Cheers, Boris. Tags: 1kz-tekznstarting problem. You say it starts wiht a direct 12V supply? I must try and ask as I have the same problem. Additionally not all the usual console indicator lights come on when I turn the ignition on.

Some threads here inicate potentila immobiliser problem, but surely it would not crank? Comment Post Cancel. Update Hi Guys, thanks for your replies I forgot to say, no error codes were present when checked.Fuel injection pump performance is closely tied to engine performance.

If your vehicle has a fuel delivery issue, it will literally starve to death. Fuel injection problems, therefore, are one of the most pressing engine issues to deal with. The fuel is dispersed from the injection pump to the combustion chamber via a fairly simple process. Pressurized fuel enters the fuel injector.

4 Common Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Problems

When the fuel leaves the fuel injector, a spray tip distributes the fuel as a fine mist. Fast-forward to the present day, and those diesel fuel injector pumps are operating in the 30, to 40, psi range.

Top-end engine performance is in many ways dictated by how much fuel can be processed by the engine.

1kz te injector pump problems

From these two things, a host of problems can surface. A clean diesel fuel pump injector is a happy diesel fuel pump injector. Over time, residue can build up in the fuel system, and enough gunk, grime and grease can clog up the entire fuel injector pump. If your engine has ever sputtered or hesitated during acceleration, a clogged fuel spray tip might be the glitch. And it all starts with subpar diesel fuel. It all has to do with lubrication.

With plenty of diesel fuel in the tank, the fuel pump bearings receive plenty of lubrication. With a near-empty tank, the fuel system is suddenly pushing air instead of diesel fuel. Anything but diesel fuel can wear out the fuel pump bearings, which means the fuel injectors will not receive the fuel at the pressurized level 30, psi, 40, psi, etc.

They also deal with a tremendous amount of motion and other stresses. One small visitor inside a piece of dust, debris, etc. Worse yet, a microscopic object can leave the injector open all the time.Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Activity.

Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I have a 1kz-te which I have wanted to put into my manual LN for a while now, after a lot of searching the internet and some useful advice from here I decided not to start the conversion as the general consensus was that the wiring will be a nightmare, I also learnt that it would be a lot easier if I had a 4 runner engine.

I have finally found a 4 runner with a cracked head that is being broken and I can get the engine and gearbox for a reasonable price. My question is - is it possible to turn a 1kz-te into a 1kz-t by taking all of the electrical bits off and replacing them with the bits from the runner engine. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Tags: None. You can leave all the sensors in place but disconnected. You might want to keep the ECU for glow plug control, but you could also just use a manual pushbutton. I don't understand why a 4Runner is easier for the conversion than a surf? Do you mean the 4Runner is the 1KZ-T donor? Comment Post Cancel.

You'll have to relocate the engine mounts on the chassis. Sorry if I was not clear enough in the first post. Yes the 4 runner is the donor vehicle, I have a Surf. I don't have the ecu for the 1kz-te, as I would like to keep mine as a manual truck I understand that I would need an ecu from a manual Surf, this will not be easy to find.

I have not yet bought the runner engine, but from what you are saying I might only need to buy the pump and the throttle linkage to get the engine running without an ecu? Would there be anything else I would need? Thanks for the info Nifty Nev! Are the mounts on the chassis the same but just in the wrong position or will I need to cut the mounts off the runner?

If it is just the pump and linkage i might just get the whole inlet manifold, pump, flywheel and gear box. Thanks for your reply Larson. Last edited by mattisaLN ; 4th August In my case 85 Hilux pickupI just cut off my original mounts and moved them back the required inches. If you wanted to run it as a 1kz-te with a manual tranny, you could use either an auto or a manual ECU, that doesn't matter.

You should also get the spacer between the inlet manifold and crossover pipe from the 1kz-t, on the 1kz-te this spacer has the butterfly valve which you won't need. Definitely get the flywheel and bellhousing, but the gearbox should be the same as is on your LN, an R or It's possible the shifters are in a different location, though.

You should also get the front and rear driveshafts, as those are a different length. Also the transmission crossmember and the adapter plate that allows the transmission to sit back further. You probably know all this already but there it is anyway. That's all I can think of at the moment. Thanks again Larson! So I'm back where I started - I have the 1kz-te with an auto box but no ecu.Buy me a coffee :. Motoring Message Board. Its pretty well known that the Toyota 1KZ-TE 3L turbo diesels are pretty average when it comes to reliabilty in the head department but does any one know why!

This is far from the first time ive seen and heard of storys like this! Endof the day ya lookin at the ole holden--or 3. However there are a few japper heads that have been short on structural lonlglevity But -they always were inherently not that robust-even in the top stat dayze we used to pull em apart and triangle brace and "O" ring em.

STA heads are turds. The biggest problem with the KZ is the cooling system is not keeped up to spec and I dont just mean the core of the radiator. The viscous fan playes a huge roll in cracked heads on these engines. I know why. They aren't idiot proof. They only crack when overheated. Look how many vehicles there are around with plus km with this engine. Usually the problem boils down to one of these issues.

Owner refuses to believe radiator is blocked and thinks a liquid flush is enough The viscous fan needs adjustment or replace. If you can gear it working then it isn't working as much as it needs to Lack of transmission cooler dumps even more heat into already ineffective cooling systems. A worn torque converter will highlight this even further The factory gauges are very slow to react to increases. This means the clueless layman wont notice until too late.

People believe getting hot is ok as long as it's below the red line. The japanese diesel went down the gurgler in when they changed the cilinderhead from rocker -rollers. Only drive euro-diesel and guess what not one ever craked a head.Forums New posts Search forums.

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1kz te injector pump problems

Word Count:. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Interesting discovery on 1kz-te and 2lt-te fuel pumps. Thread starter gotoy Start date Jul 24, This maybe common knowledge to most but thought I would share. Over the last year or so my 1kz-te engine had been reving occasionaly, at idle, between and rpm.

After going through the fuel system the problem still persisted. Finaly 1 month plus ago the fuse on the battery terminal blew creating puff of smoke from the engine bay. The problem was finaly tracked down to a dodgy Fuel Spill Control valve on the electronic fuel pump.

The fuel spill control valve is located on the rear on the pump and has a 2 wire connector, can't post the pdf I have as network does not allow access to photobucket. A faulty Spill Control Valve can be identified by using an ohm meter. The open circuit, without the wires connected, ohm reading should be between 1 - 2 ohms, ideally 1. The dodgy one on my pump was reading 24ohm. The whole pump was exchanged at the the time and the engine is now running very well. Exchanged at the time as was quite some distance from decent workshop facilities.

Now for the interesting part: The 1kz-te fuel pump spill control valve is also the same as can be found on the 2lt-te fuel pump. So for those who suspect problems with fuel pumps, check the Spill Control valve.

Signs for bad Spill Control valve: 1. Difficult to start. Horrid smog emitted from exhaust on start up. Erratic idling. Blown fuse on battery side. Not too sure on this one, still to be confirmed. Battery drainage. Above 5 points were are as I had. Hope the above will be useful. Last edited: Jul 24, Im taking it in today to get injectors cleaned as I am blowing white smoke on startup - Im putting it down to the rollover and subsequent sitting unstarted for 6 months causing the injector to stick open.

I also have rough idling the car rocks slicghly more than usuaal and does not sound smooth. If you recall the blue swb parked up at mechanix shop for a long time also had this spill valve problem.To get it to start i turn ignition key to "on" not "start"wait for the glow plug relay to come on, then wait for it to switch off usually 20sec-2minthen the car will start and continue to start every time.

When the engine cools down few hrs resti then have to repeat the process of waiting for the last click from the "GPR" and the car starts first time every time. I have cracked open the fuel pipes from electronic pump to injectors and will ONLY get fuel from injection pump to injectors when the last click of the "GPR" relay is heard.

Fixed the computer nothing really wronga week later i have this starting issue but it starts every time. Spill Valve resistance checks out at 2 ohm. Hi there. Let me offer option 4 - cold start injector. The cold start injector is also known as the cold start valve.

1kz te injector pump problems

The part is located on the cold air intake, which is found on the intake manifold. It is a fuel injector that is controlled electronically. When this happens, a computer tells the injector to inject more fuel into the mixture that goes through the cylinders to the engine.

The goal is for the engine to have an easier and faster start even when it is cold. Q: Toyota Surf 1kz-te 3L - hard starting in the morning ambient Temp.

Car has trouble starting in the morning temp 30 deg celsius To get it to start i turn ignition key to "on" not "start"wait for the glow plug relay to come on, then wait for it to switch off usually 20sec-2minthen the car will start and continue to start every time. Can the problem be: 1-other sensors on fuel pump 2-other sensor 3-relays? My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Tim Charlet Automotive Mechanic. Thank Tim. Was this answer helpful?

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